Service and spare parts

Our company guarantees warranty and post-warranty service for the entire lifetime of the device so that your technologies are in operation to the highest possible extent, thus ensuring their maximum possible use.

For this reason, we place great emphasis on the services we provide in the area of ​​service and spare parts supply.

In the case of your request for any spare part, we are ready to help with its correct specification, for which you will subsequently receive a price quote with an estimated delivery date.

Regarding service, we have a team of 8 local service technicians led by a service manager who cover the entire area of ​​the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This layout ensures a significant reduction in our reaction time and expands the possibilities in the area of ​​regular machine maintenance.


Service center

Marek Stejskal
Service manager
+420 602 741 103
Jiří Vodák
Service technician CZ
+420 724 295 614
Ladislav Kolář
Service technician CZ
+420 602 403 781
Luboš Kobelka
Service technician CZ
+420 602 774 012
Ivan Vološyn
Service technician CZ
+420 607 887 163
Michal Kvítek
Service technician CZ
+420 736 449 499
Tomáš Forst
Service technician CZ
+420 773 538 201
Michal Kafka
Service technician CZ
+420 603 490 111
Slavomír Dudáš
Service technician Slovakia
+420 602 708 293

Spare parts

Jitka Dočekalová
Spare parts
+420 724 125 620
Renata Stanislavová
Spare parts
+420 606 093 610